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The historic 4-Star Hotel MONOPOL Lucerne, located directly next to the Lucerne Railway Station and KKL Culture and Convention Centre, right in the town centre and amid the sights.


Arrival by car

Hotel MONOPOL Luzern
Pilatusstrasse 1
CH - 6003 Lucerne

Arrival and unload luggage
Frankenstrasse 2
CH - 6003 Lucerne

Tel +41 41 226 43 43
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Hotel guests with car have 3 parking options:

1. Hotel Parking:
The hotel courtyard has a limited number of parking spaces available for CHF 25.00 per night. The entrance is in the Frankenstrasse 2 - 4, between the Hotel MONOPOL and the Hotel ALPINA. Please reserve the parking space with the hotel room as parking is very limited.

2. Railway Station Parking:
Directly in front of the Hotel MONOPOL Lucerne is the large Railway Station Parking P1 (Bahnhofplatz 1, Lucerne). Attention: Car access via the central street, Lucerne, direction Bahnhofplatz 1, Lucerne. We offer tickets at a special price in the Railway Station Parking P1. When checking in at the reception, please inform us that you have parked your car in the Railway Station Parking.

3. Parking public area Lucerne:
A very cheap parking option is available on all white marked parking areas in the public area of the city of Lucerne. The hotel guests parking ticket costs CHF 15.00 and is valid for 24 hours. It can be bought at the reception at check-in. In this favorable variant, however, guests must find a parking space themshelves. There is no guarantee for a parking space.

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